National Federation of Gypsy Liaison Groups

The National Federation was formed in May 2005; the organisation originally organised conferences to highlight subjects related to Gypsies and Travellers that had been neglected, such as elders in the communities and those Gypsy and Traveller people who had been adopted or taken away into care away from their culture. The NFGLG was funded for three conferences held 2007- 2008. A small working committee worked with groups in each region. The first of these conferences was in the East Midlands a further one followed in the North East and then in London. The Federation office is hosted by DGLG ( It hopes to encourage newer groups and established groups in those areas to work together on various projects, conferences and engage with the varying agencies. In 2009, NFGLG became a charity and in 2010 a registered company, limited by guarantee; for the last three years we have supported groups with funding plans and support, which has included a two-day training event on Gypsy and Traveller law. Three groups have achieved PQASSO (Planning Quality Assurance for Small Organisations) at level 2. There are two groups working towards level 1. Even if groups decide not to apply for accreditation, the process helps to get in place the things you need to run a successful group, for example a constitution. We consider heritage an important aspect of our work and undertake to promote educational activity. We are currently funded by the Open Society foundation, Tudor Trust and The Law Society Charity.