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The Romani Cultural & Arts Company delivers training and cultural awareness events.

We believe that the Gypsy, Roma & Traveller communities are best-placed to deliver training about the issues that they face and the solutions that are required. It is for this reason that all our events are led by experienced Gypsies, Roma & Travellers themselves.

We want to offer individuals and organisations a ‘real, lived’ experience from the community itself and we can offer delegates that no other provider can in this respect.

All our events are stimulating, dynamic and practical in their approach.

Some of the areas that can be covered are:

Real life as a Gypsy & Traveller.
Barriers to accessing services.
Barriers to inclusion in the education system.
What organisations need to know to improve communication with the community.
Policy review and development relating to Gypsies & Travellers.
Facilitating a solution-focused / outcome-focused approach to problems.
General cultural awareness training.

We also offer to facilitate consultation between the community and organisations or for research purposes. This is likely to incur a fee.

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