Romani Cultural & Arts Company supports cultural events by hiring out exhibition materials and realia

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We are a community-led, community-focused company. We believe that the community is best placed to promote itself, it’s distinct culture and find solutions to some deep-rooted problems.

In order to support other organisations and events promote the Gypsy, Roma & Traveller communities, we can hire out (for an agreed, fixed fee) our extensive range of exhibition materials and realia.

Some of the materials available are:

Mini Gypsy vardo (traditional wagon)
Information boards about Gypsy & Traveller life and heritage
Image banners showcasing Cardiff Gypsy & Traveller characters
Listening posts with up to 20 pre-recorded video-audio stories
A history timeline charting Gypsy, Roma & Travellers over the centuries
An extensive range of books and DVDs
An extensive range of photographs

If you are interested in hiring any of these materials, please contact us.

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