Toby Gorniak, Artist

The Romani Cultural and Arts Company 33rd profile will be of Toby Gorniak, Artists

Toby Gorniak; a Roma Gypsy has been connecting audiences, young people, artists and practitioners for the last thirteen years, in and around Plymouth UK, through his Hip Hop Company Street Factory CIC, alongside his wife Jo Gorniak.

He is fuelled by a deep rooted passion, commitment, determination and philosophy; helping young people to fly, young people who feel they don’t have wings or a direction in life. By creating a springboard, Toby empowers and enables young people to be better connected to their value and see their potential whilst understanding the positive impact they can have within their community.

His work is based on the 10 elements of Hip Hop, & through genuine love and a true trust that every young person, no matter who, has a voice and sound that is worth listening to and amplifying. Toby’s work has grown into a platform that has continually wrapped its arms around those that need him most, with a heart that feels and a passion that drives change.

Toby is committed to presenting programmes, workshops and activities that embrace dancers, practitioners, teachers, young people, families and audiences of all backgrounds to gain a mutual understanding, passion and exploration of dance, life, love and hope.

He was so privileged to share his work with the world …Here is his Ted Talks on Hope

Year on year Toby will continue to evolve, grow and organically shift to ensure his work is fit for purpose and continues to develop and deliver his objectives. The key driving force will always be the benefits and outcomes for the young people, communities who need him the most and the amazing legacy, and programmes that he will continue to produce to create change.
His National Film : Cre8ting Change

2018 has been an exceptional year for Street Factory CIC & Toby G …Set within the former brewery on Sawrey Street, he will be refurbishing his new community hub and academy style facility for NEETS; an environment where everyone can feel physically, mentally, and spiritually safe – where they are free to express, respect, grow, teach, and learn with each other. Working towards his new venue being recognised globally and already have strong links with America; and advocates such as Simon Cowell who gave him an award for “Out Standing Community Contribution” and actively supports his vision… Also, Toby G has been given an MBE from the Queen, won the Autism Hero National Award , Local Hero Award , Community Business Award & Street Factory has been Chosen as one of the Top 100 small businesses nationally.