The Cardiff Anti-bullying Project was commissioned by Cardiff Against Bullying, initialy as a pilot project in 2009/10 and is now running a futher 5 projects in 3 primary schools:


Greenway Primary School


Adamsdown Primary School

Baden Powell Primary School

Moorland Primary School

The workshops allow young people to explore their own identity, to recognise that we all have a valuable cultural background, to get excited about this and to recognise that celebrating ‘diversity’ is about celebrating our own sense of identity as well as that of others.

We see this as being an important starting point because many White-British people think that ‘diversity’ is only about other people’s culture and that many people resent ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’ training because it appears to ignore them. In our experience people sometimes feel threatened as a result. We believe that ‘diversity’ is about all of us and celebrating all of our differences. When we are all recognised as special and different then difference becomes less threatening.

In reality each of us holds several, sometimes competing identities. The workshops explore these multiple identities and the ways in which our peer group and our loyalties can shift, for example is the only Roma boy in school a peer of the other (non-Roma) boys or the other Roma (girls)?


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