Coronavirus (COVID-19)

It is very important as a community that all Gypsies, Roma and Travellers follow the government advice that is in place at any given time.

Following the advice will keep you and other people safe. It will also protect the NHS and it really will save lives.

At the moment and until further notice:

  • Stay at home UNLESS you are shopping for essentials, getting medicine or going for a medical appointment, helping someone in need, taking 1 form of daily exercise outside
  • Do not visit family or friends in their trailers or houses
  • Do not let family or friends visit your trailer or house
  • Wash your hands more often and for 20 seconds with soap and water
  • When outside and shopping, keep at least 2 metres apart from people who do not live in your trailer or house

Sources of up-to-date information:

Central UK Government guidance – what you need to do:

UK NHS guidance:

Public Health Wales guidance:

WALES NHS coronavirus symptom checker:

Please see the following booklet for the latest advice and guidance: