Dr. Sindy Joyce, Human Rights Defender

The Romani Cultural and Arts Company 31st profile will be of Dr. Sindy Joyce

Doctor Sindy Joyce is a Human Rights Defender (HRD). She has a B.A in English and History and a Masters in Sociology. She was the module coordinator and lecturer in ‘Travellers, Rights and Nomadism’ and ‘Travellers, Ethnicity and Rights’ in University College Dublin with the School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice. Her research interests include both direct and indirect forms of racism, ethnicity/identity, social/political constructions of Irish Travellers and the production of space related inequalities. Sindy won the 2014 Traveller Pride Award for Education. Her PhD title was Mincéirs Siúladh: An ethnographic study of young Travellers’ experiences of racism in urban space. Her research addresses the original and important question of how anti-Traveller racism shapes young people’s use of and movement through public space. Sindy was co-supervised by Dr. Amanda Haynes and Dr. Martin Power of the Department of Sociology, University of Limerick. Sindy was successful in winning the prestigious Irish Research Council Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme with a top score of 95.5%. Sindy’s publications include:

2013: Seminar Review of “Imogen Tyler: Revolting subjects: eviction and occupation in neoliberal Britain”, Socheolas: Limerick student of sociology, 5(1), Available:  http://www3.ul.ie/sociology/socheolas/vol5/1/Sindy%20Joyce.pdf  

Joyce, Sindy (2015) ‘Divided Spaces: An examination of everyday racism and its impact on young Travellers’ spatial mobility’ in Cuffe, J.B. ed.,Irish Journal of Anthropology, 18(1), ISSN:1393-8592

Joyce, S.et al (2017) ‘Anti-Traveller and anti-Roma Hate Crime in Ireland’, in Haynes, A., Schweppe, J., and Taylor, S. eds. Critical Perspectives on Hate Crime: An Irish Perspective, London: Palgrave Macmillan.