Families Friends and Travellers

The overall objective of the organisation is to work towards a more equitable society where everyone has the right to travel and to stop without constant fear of persecution because of their lifestyle. Consequently, FFT does not restrict its services to one particular group nor does it represent one group against another, but rather responds to the needs of the community as a whole. FFT works across a variety of issues and topics, such as health, education, literacy, discrimination, homelessness and digital access.

The digital divide between Romani, Traveller communities and wider society is such that there are stark inequalities in terms of digital access, skills and confidence, detailed in this report from FFT here. Health outcomes for the Romani and Traveller communities are most clearly illustrated by the FFT report on inequalities in the NHS (http://marmot-review.blogspot.com/2018/09/the-nhs-health-inequalities-and-social.html). The FFT also produces guidance for professionals working with Gypsies and Travellers here

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