Gonzalo Montaño Peña, Musicologist and Researcher

The Romani Cultural and Arts Company 22nd profile will be of Gonzalo Montaño Peña

Gonzalo Montaño Peña is a musicologist and researcher specialized in Flamenco. He belongs to a family of Romani artists with a long tradition many of whom have made significant contributions to Flamenco. He holds a Master degree in Musicology and Doctoral Candidate at the University of Seville. He´s currently working on a Ph.D thesis on the contributions of the Romani people to Flamenco.

He has worked as a music critic and journalist for media specialized in Flamenco, and collaborated in the production of shows and recordings.

In 2014, he worked for the European Commission at the Roma Policy Coordination Unit. Currently he is an activist for the rights of the Romani people working in the Fundación Secretariado Gitano based in Madrid.