Isaac Blake to represent UK at the International anti-discrimination congress in New York

21-23 September 2019, New York

Through the National Federation of Gypsy Liaison Groups (NFGLG) Isaac Blake RCAC (Romani Cultural Arts Company) has been chosen to represent NFGLG for the UK at the September 2019 International Congress on Discrimination based on Work and Descent, Untouchability, Anti-Gypsyism and Contemporary forms of Slavery (ICDWD) Conference in New York.

Communities discriminated against based on Work and Descent (DWD) are some of the most excluded, segregated, and marginalised groups at global and local levels. The inequalities and disadvantages they experience exist across various services like education, health, water and sanitation, employment, voting rights, equal access to land and housing, access to religious institutions in the public sphere, disaster risk reduction and environmental health.

The population of 260 million (approx.) worldwide comes under the DWD framework, which accounts for 3.25 percent of the world’s total population. 

The International Congress on Discrimination Based on Work and Descent (ICDWD) will look at particular types of hierarchical-hereditary based structures among societies across the globe, which generate the same set of human rights violations and barriers limiting socio-economic development for different DWD peoples. Unlike racism and xenophobia, the structural violence of this form of discrimination does not rest on the white/non-white binary and on inferiority based on visible or ostensibly ‘biological’ differences given the legacy of colonialism. 

Isaac Blake says: ‘This conference will be significant for our organisation as it will enable us to present better cases to our own local governments back in the UK.’

Press coverage notably from (Travellers Times)