Chris Lee will be representing the Romani Cultural & Arts Company at the first International Roma LGBT Conference to be held in Prague on the 13th and 14th August. Chris will also be attending the Prague Pride Parade on August 15th.

This historic International Conference will highlight and explore the many challenges facing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Roma in Europe and beyond. The programme will include presentations and discussions on International and European rights and standards in relation to discrimination and how national legislation impacts on the lives of LGBT Roma in Spain, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Britain.

Chris Lee is of Welsh Romany Gypsy heritage and grew up in north Wales. She currently resides in Barry near Cardiff. Chris worked as a graphic designer in advertising, theatre, education and publishing for over 30 years. She also established and ran her own successful graphic design company – Chris Lee Design.

Chris truly believes that if individuals have the courage to speak up about who they really are, this will bring about positive change, So we not only liberate ourselves but by example liberate others. We spread the love.

Isaac Blake; Director of the Romani Cultural & Arts Company, is proud to have Chris Lee attending this event and represent Wales and the charity. Isaac says “Being Gypsy, Roma or Traveller can bring unfortunate baggage. Add being LGBT into the mix and the world can become so much more challenging. We need to stand up and fight discrimination with compassion and understanding. We need to reach out with pride.”

David Tiser, Director of ARA ART says “The international Roma LGBT conference is a historic milestone in the area of human rights in Europe.”

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