Martin Campbell Director of the Gypsy Roma Traveller Police Association

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The Romani Cultural and Arts Company 35th profile will be of Martin Campbell

Martin Campbell is the Director of the Gypsy Roma Traveller Police Association, an association set up primarily to support Police Officers and Staff who are from Gypsy Roma and Traveller communities of the UK and Europe.

Martin is a Gypsy from the North West of England who is currently serving as a Police Inspector. He has worked in Emergency response, Proactive Crime Squads, Community Policing, CID and various other departments during his 13 years of Service.

Martin has been involved in the GRTPA since its creation in 2014 serving as a Director in 2016 and again in 2018 and 2019. Martin has been fighting for fair and equal treatment for GRT communities across the UK and Europe. This has included participation in initiatives in Ukraine and Europe to improve the security of Roma Communities, Challenging in Parliament Police Units (now disbanded) and numerous public speaking events to raise awareness of Suicide, infant mortality and discrimination in GRT communities. 

“People often ask me why I am involved in challenging Police and other ministry of justice agencies publically when I am in the role of Director to support Officers & staff. My answer is always that discrimination against GRT communities is prevalent within these organisations and this isolates victims from within the community discouraging them from seeking help and support they are entitled to.

A combination of frequent & disproportionate Police response and lack of community engagement reduces a fragile state of police legitimacy in the community. We must be part of the Policing community if we want to improve this.

My association can support Officers and Staff, we have been doing it since 2014 since our founding members Jim an Petr broke the mould, what I want to do now is ensure future generations of all GRT communities feel that the police of the UK is not only a career option but also an attractive option.”