We are very proud to receive a £5000 grant from the Allen Lane Foundation to fund a part-time Community Champion post.

Our proposal is to fund a part time Co-ordinator post to support the creation of Community Champions for Cardiff. This will enable us to truly develop local Gypsies and Travellers to take control of their own destinies and positively impact on reducing the affects of isolation and discrimination on more Gypsies, Roma & Travellers than ever before. We want these Community Champions to enable regular social activity and quality community voice sessions and consultation on a range of issues, enabling agencies and public services to gain access to sites.

We want to:

– See a more confident, resilient community that can lead and develop services for themselves and directly seek support from statutory organisations and third-sector organisations.

– See greater social inclusion and integration on the Gypsy, Traveller sites of South Wales with children and adults engaging in regular activities that lead to improved relationships and an improved understanding of this community’s needs on the part of supporting agencies and public services.

Press coverage notably from (Travellers’ Times)

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