The aim of the project is to shoot a movie about the Roma culture in an innovative way, by the direct and unique stories of the Roma, through their own voices. The goal we want to achieve is to build up documentary as a means that has both a great historical and cultural value and a socio-educational usefulness to be used by all those that are interested in committing to the themes of intercultural education and integration.


Despite it has always been the subject of suspicion and harassment, persecution and genocide, the Roma population is one of the oldest minorities of the old continent and among the most dynamic and rooted.

Yet we don’t really know anything about them and their culture. It is also very common that the CAGGE (the NON-ROMA) speak about the Roma’s issues. It unlikely that the Roma tell about themselves firsthand.

Without denying the complexities related to the reality of this people, and with no rhetoric, we are convinced that knowledge is the most important thing to facilitate being close and understanding to other peoples. This would help to recognize the common humanity of people beyond their group identity and fight the stereotypical categorization processes and consequent dehumanization.

“Opre ROMA!” was born from Paolo Bonfanti’s idea to create tools and opportunities through which the Roma culture gets to be known for what it really is, beyond the clichés and by giving space and voice to the life testimonies of people who are part of it.

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