‘Pots n Pans’: A Cardiff Gypsy and Traveller Way of Life

From 1st June until 28th August 2012, The Romani Cultural and Arts Company will be the next community group to be exhibiting in the Cardiff Story’s ‘City Showcase’ exhibition space. ‘Pots’n Pans’ will explore Romani, Gypsy and Traveller culinary traditions.  With many objects and photographs, visitors will get a chance to experience some of the equipment that Romani, Gypsy and Traveller people use, as well as discovering much more about the community’s rich cultural values and history.

Past and present life on the two Cardiff Gypsy sites; Shirenewton and Rover Way, is explored through artefacts, stories and oral history. The whole family can visit and experience life from a child’s perspective and gain an insight into the culture of the Gypsy world and why china takes pride and place in trailers and modern-day wagons.

Isaac Blake, Director of the Romani Cultural and Arts Company said: “this a contemporary look at the history of the Romani Gypsy tradition and so helps to create an awareness of the background as well as the situation of the community today. It will balance out some of the negative media preconceptions and challenge myths and stereotypes.”

Please click here to visit Romani Arts Flickr Album: www.flickr.com

The exhibition received plenty of positive press coverage notably from the (BBC, Travellers’ Times, Wales Online, Online).

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