Rusanenko Pyotr Petrovich, Actor

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The Romani Cultural and Arts Company 27th profile will be of Rusanenko Pyotr Petrovich, Actor

Rusanienko Petro Petrovich was born on July 12, 1994 in the town of Kurakhovo, Donetsk region, Ukraine.

After graduation from the 9th grade of the school, in 2010 he started at the Donetsk Transport and Economics College, majoring as a himchanic-technician for the repair of cars and engines, he finished in 2014.

The war in the east of Ukraine forced him to move to Kiev, where he entered the Kiev National Theater, Film and Television University, Karpenko-Kary, on the theatrical faculty, specialty “The actor of theatre and cinema”.

Since 2014, he began active public work in the interests of his Roma community.

He attended a lot of training, forums and conferences, a resource for the protection of the Roma people; regularly representing his nation at festivals and conferences.

In 2016 he became a fellow of the program: the Roma Education Foundation.

After that, his public activity became even more frequent within the framework of the announced tenders for project activities of the International Law “Vidrodzhennya”-  his project received support. In 2016 he created a production studio “SightFilm Production”.

He became the voice and the journalist of the Roma radio “Chiriklo” and in 2016 he created a social video aimed at combating discrimination against Roma in universities and institutes. Then, in 2017, with the support of the Vidrodzhennya Foundation, he directed a short film “Pam’yatati”, which touches on the topic of the Roma genocide in World War II. In addition, he successfully developed in his profession; since 2017 he has been working in the Kyiv Theater “Actor” and he is currently filming for cinema. He is also teaching in a theatre school.

In 2018, he made a second film on Roma issues, which was devoted to the problem of restricting the rights of Roma girls. He has since begun writing a play about Roma life.