UK ROMED mediator training March 2014

ACERT has just been granted further Council of Europe and EU funding to run a second ROMED mediator training programme.

To attend the 3.5 day training course apply online here. The deadline for applications is midnight on Monday March 3rd

The first 3 ½ day residential session of this two part course begins on 26th March 2014 at 4pm at Luther King House,  Manchester. The second 3 day session will be held in about six month’s time. In the interim, participants will be asked to undertake a work-based assignment using their learning from the course. Accommodation, meals and travel expenses are all covered. Applicants will need to obtain their employers’ prior consent to take time off to attend.

On Thursday March 27th new participants, their employers and representatives from the public sector and local authorities will be offered the opportunity to find out more and to consider how ROMED could improve intercultural understanding in their own areas. Some of the original trainees and a representative from the Council of Europe will share their stories.

There will be discussion about how the  ROMED model could be further developed in the UK. The ROMED 2 programme, which is running in ten other European countries,  supports local community action groups to develop a closer dialogue with local and public authorities. There is a possibility that the UK might at some stage join in with this programme. For further information on the website.

On Friday and Saturday March 28th  and 29th  trainees will undertake the very participative ROMED training programme. These sessions will be led by UK based facilitators, some of whom are community members.

If you represent a local authority and would like to join us as a day delegate on Thursday March 27th please contact and I will send you further information. If you wish to attend and need overnight accommodation this may be available at Luther King House.

More details can be downloaded below:



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