The Romani Cultural & Arts Co. (RCAC) has been providing effective, successful and ‘smart’ training sessions and workshops since 2010. Unlike many other organisations in the field that do little to update their training, despite some profound changes in the context, circumstances and communities of Romani and Traveller peoples living in the U.K. today, RCAC’s training remains relevant because it is constantly updated and upgraded. It takes into account all new legislation, including changing international conventions, frameworks and strategies. Alterations in the demographics of Romani and Traveller communities living in Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England are considered, as are patterns of health and wellness in Roman and Traveller populations. Shifts in national, regional and local advocacy by voluntary sector organisations and rights activists are marked; revisions in the application of the law following successful strategic cases by Romani, Traveller or Human Rights lawyers are recognised. Even the growth of ‘hate-crime’, antipathy and xenophobia towards ‘Gypsies’ in the popular media or populist political arena is evaluated. 

All these elements and factors are crucial to delivering exceptionally effective training, especially during the past few years when the situation for Romani and Traveller populations has been so dynamic. RCAC’s training has also proved sustainable, as it has addressed the needs of the participants, rather than being fixed and determined by the trainers. Pre-training preparation can include surveys of the expectations of participants and identify their training needs. Training packages have been and can be tailored to individual organisations’ needs, to institutions’ and foundations’ requirements and to service providers’ direct requests. Training packages can even be tailored to the needs of individuals, if desired.

Trainers for RCAC sessions are drawn from the professionals, experts and consultants who are themselves from the Romani and Traveller communities. These trainers are well respected in their own fields of study, research and advocacy with academic qualification and years of experience in the field and working with communities. The authenticity of the training is further enhanced by the individual voices of RCAC’s ‘Community Champions’, Romani and Traveller people who have worked for many years with the Company and acquired significant skills to enhance their experience and lived expertise. In this sense, RCAC’s training is truly representative of actual Romani and Traveller communities living and working in Wales, England and across Europe today.