Promoting Advocacy through the Arts

We are a community led development and educational organisation which aims to ensure that Gypsy, Roma & Traveller (GRT) communities can live in a more equal society.

We promote culture

Racism is born of ignorance. By tackling prejudice The Romani Culture and Arts Company aims to promote better understanding of the variety and value of GRT culture.

We have deep roots

The Romani Culture and Arts Company is 100% GRT led and managed. Each of our staff members belong to the very communities that we serve thereby instilling trust and inclusivity.

We are proud

By drawing upon our rich heritage and continuing cultural innovation we work to ensure that GRT people are fully acknowledged as valued participants in society.



We take life-changing arts and crafts workshops directly onto caravan sites for the social, emotional and educational benefit of GRT children and young people.
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We facilitate symposiums and conferences to encourage open and honest debate about the issues that affect our communities.
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We organise local, regional and national training events about GRT issues and how to successfully engage with our communities.
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Our groundbreaking exhibition programme commissions and exhibits illuminating artworks by GRT artists that celebrate our culture and challenge perceptions.
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