All Fur-Coat / Billy Kerry

An Exhibition by Billy Kerry as part of Gypsy Maker 2

The works in Billy Kerry’s exhibition focus on themes of identity, gender, ethnicity and sexuality, amongst others.  The ways in which these fluctuating positions are performed in our day to day lives and the messages that we encounter along the way are explored through a rich tapestry of found imagery, text and materials which draw upon a diverse range of references. These include psychoanalysis, popular culture, Victoriana, billboard advertising, traditional art making and storytelling. Kerry combines these elements to bring us absorbing manifestations of otherness whose detailed narrative and intricately juxtaposed imagery are made to fascinate and intrigue. His evocation of the symbols of oppression overlaid with the brash exhibitionist portrayals of the commodified male and female form explore how seemingly enduring values and traditions are continually challenged by each new generation.