Billy Kerry, Artist

Billy Kerry is an Artist and educator from Cambridge. Billy was trained at Chelsea College of Art and Design London, where he archived a First class Degree (BA Hons) in Fine Art. Since graduating in 2009 Billy has been inspiring others by teaching and supporting at Cambridge Regional College. Kerry’s eclectic practice narrates the close interrelation between artist and material; between body and object. Through his work Kerry investigates and challenges preconceived views of ethnicity, gender roles and constructed conformity. He employs diverse conceptual elements and aesthetic motifs ranging from Victoriana to current Pop Culture in clashes which challenge established values to allow new insight into the way we live today. Kerry’s new work will consist of a new installation of three floor based sculptures using mixed media including wood, metal, paint, gloss, fabric/stitch and found images. The sculptural works will be accompanied by a number of new wall based mixed media collages using found images, gloss, resin, drawing, painting and text to expand upon the themes of the wider installation.