CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Seminar on the role of Roma youth in policy and decision-making bodies and structures

The Council of Europe within the framework of the Roma Youth Action Plan project is organizing a seminar on the role of Roma youth in policy and decision-making bodies and structures, scheduled to take place during 19-20 November 2018 at the European Youth Centre Strasbourg.

The seminar will explore the role of mainstream youth and Roma integration policies in supporting Roma young peoples’ development and their participation in social and political life, and create a dialogue among policy makers and young people about the possibilities of integration of Roma youth issues in relevant policies and programmes at European, national and local levels. Among its objectives, the seminar will attempt to generate ideas for further support of the role of around 4 million Roma youth in decision making bodies and structure at all levels. The events is open to all interested to learn and promote Roma youth participation and policy-making such as Roma young people, activists, youth leaders, representatives from civil society organisations, relevant public authorities, European networks and organisations, national youth councils, etc.

Detailed information about the seminar is available at the following link. Please feel free to disseminate widely among your network of contacts and potential candidates.

All candidates must apply online and send their applications forms by 7 October 2018 at 14:00 CET.