David Tišer – Director

The Romani Cultural and Arts Company 8th profile will be of David Tišer.

David Tišer studied Romani studies at the Charles University in Prague. He is the first Roma LGBTQIA activist in the Czech Republic. Besides this, he also acts as a Romist, teacher and director. In the past, he was one of the members of the Government’s Council for Roma Minor Affairs. Currently, he is a member of the Committee on the Rights of Sexual Minorities of the Government’s Council for Human Rights. In 2009, he wrote a screenplay for the documentary film “Roma Boys – The Story of Love” based on real story. In the National Theatre play “My Neighbour, My Enemy”, which dealt with the co-existence of Czechs and Roma, he played one of the main roles. He was nominated for his acting performance at the Alfred Radok Award for the Talent of the Year 2011. Five years ago, he founded ARA ART, a company that is dedicated to, for example, a popular method of theatre of the oppressed, art exhibitions of Roma artists, Roma LGBTQIA topics or the organisation of the Czech International Roma Day celebrations.

Follow this link for more information:  www.araart.cz

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