The path of the Roma, a history of diversity / El camí del Poble Gitano, una història de diversitat

FAGiC has launched the project “El camí del Poble Gitano, una història de diversitat” (The path of the Roma, a history of diversity) during 2018. The project has two parts: one, scientific, carried out by the University of Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona; and the other, historical-cultural, carried out directly by FAGiC.

The FAGiC team made up of Aaron Giménez and Annabel Carballo, have travelled around Catalonia, Spain and other European countries to visit Roma communities and to interview Roma people to create a documentary about the identity and the culture of the Roma. 

The final activity of the first phase of the project is a conference that it will be held in Barcelona on February 1st 2019. There, different Roma from different countries will come together to speak about our identity and our culture.

Later in 2019 the project will start its second phase and it will include Roma from South America in order to build the diversity of our culture and our migratory tree.

Isaac Blake says “I am proud that the Romani Cultural & Arts Company is able to support this very important project.”