Gothenburg Romani Festival 2018

Dr. Adrian R. Marsh, Ph.D. Consultant for Romani Cultural and Arts Company: “This year sees the newly-established Romano Center i Väst (Romani Centre in the West), organising its first international Romani Festival in Gothenburg. As part of the programme, Dr Adrian Marsh gave a lecture today (12/11/2018) at the Faculty of Law, Gothenburg University, to a group of Romani (Romer) and Traveller (Romanifolket or Resande) people, students from the faculty, lecturers and members of the public, looking at Romani and Traveller origins, ethnicity, history and contested identities in Europe. The festival continues until the end of the month and is supported by Gothenburg City Council (see the attached programme and presentation).”

Please download the presentation by Dr. Adrian R. Marsh and program from the Romani Cultural & Arts Company website.

Programme Romani Festival in Gothenburg 2018

Romani, histories, ethnicity and identity- contested narratives around Romani and Traveller groups in Europe