Rarebit Please! / Artur Conka

An Exhibition by Artur Conka as part of Gypsy Maker 2

Artur Conka’s photography has focused on the plight of Roma, Gypsies and Travellers in Europe. As Roma have been so long without influence or consideration by those in power, he feels it is important to give his community a voice. Conka’s exhibition continues his thought provoking exploration of the facets of Roma life through his photography and film. Here he focuses on the inclusive practices of food preparation in the Roma home by documenting the preparation of meals for sharing—some recipes are Roma and some not. By showing us the pride and care with which these families cook and display their food Conka offers insight into the home lives of Roma with an intimacy and consideration that we rarely see. These works take us to the heart of Roma home life allowing us to see beyond difference toward the common acts of domesticity that unite us all.