Roma and Travellers Team, Council of Europe

The Council of Europe’s Roma and Traveller team focus on issues concerning Roma at the Council of Europe with the work of a dedicated transversal team, led by the Special Representative of the Secretary General for Roma issues. This structure acts as a hub bringing together the different projects on Roma being undertaken at the Council of Europe, following the high-level meetings on Roma. It also builds on the work carried out and results achieved by the Council of Europe in this field, over the past 15 years. The team work on a number of important areas including Roma mediation, campaigns to overcome prejudice, building a grass-roots, locally-based dialogue with local authorities and the support of the expert group on Roma at the CoE, CAHROM (

The campaigns include the ‘Dosta!’ campaign (meaning ‘Enough!’ in the Romani language), with a particularly useful series of short, animated videos, media and posters for training (