Shiftwork / Daniel Baker, Artur Conka, Billy Kerry and Shamus McPhee

An exhibition with Daniel Baker, Shamus McPhee, Artur Conka and Billy Kerry for Gypsy Maker 3

Shiftwork brings together four artists whose work teases out a number of aesthetic and political issues concerning Gypsy, Roma and Traveller lives and cultural representation. Each of the artists takes a different approach – from the documentary style of Artur Conka, one of the few Roma to have filmed their own community, to the sculptural installations of Daniel Baker which examine migration and free movement. The idiosyncratic paintings of Shamus McPhee have a distinct ‘outsider art’ feel while complex issues of sexuality and gender are explored in the eclectic work of Billy Kerry. These unique voices draw people together by highlighting the links between communities whilst at the same time recognising and celebrating difference. For this show, co-curated with g39 Artistic Director Anthony Shapland, a number of artworks produced during previous Gypsy Maker projects are shown alongside new works developed by the artists.