The Romani Cultural & Arts Company is excited by the recent £49,800 grant provided by The Heritage Lottery Fund.

The money will pay for our experienced Community Champions from the Gypsy and Traveller communities to carry out extensive fieldwork across South East, South West & Mid Wales. The work will see the gathering of stimulating oral histories, photographs and artefacts to chart, record and archive the fascinating and significant stories of this captivating people.

With participants from the regional Gypsy, Traveller and fairground communities, the collection will prove to be enlightening and an essential archive of the experiences and memories of this unique people. To ensure a broad range of participants, our fieldwork will see us seek out and work with house-dwelling Gypsies and Travellers and new-site residents.

The Romani Cultural & Arts Company is a ground-breaking organisation; by Gypsies & Travellers, for Gypsies & Travellers, with Gypsies & Travellers. We believe that our community is capable of great things and of greater integration into mainstream culture, whilst retaining it’s unique cultural identity and heritage. We let our community grow from the inside out; and this outstanding project has been created by community members and will be led and developed by community members.

We are grateful to the support and funding provided by The Heritage Lottery Fund.

“The Romani Cultural and Arts Company is one of the most consistently  innovative and vibrant organisations on the Romani cultural scene that it has done so much to create.” Dr Thomas A Acton OBE, Professor Emeritus in Romani Studies | University of Greenwich, London | Corvinus University, Budapest.

Press coverage notably from (Travellers’ Times, Cardiff Third Sector Council)

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