Equal Voices

Equal Voices was part of a three year programme of song writing projects within the SW Valleys community, delivered by WNO MAX and funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Writer Karen Hayes, Composer Stacey Blythe and Singers Mark Evans (Baritone) and Sian Cameron (Soprano) worked alongside artist Louise Carey to help the young Travellers and Gypsies involved with Torfaen Council’s Equal project at West Monmouth School, Pontypool to write songs about their experiences of life. The group worked with artist Louise Carey to create a range of eco friendly sculptures to form part of an arts trail at Greenmeadow Community Farm, Pontypool and provide a backdrop to their songs. The 17 songs were performed at the farm, and also on the site where many of the young people lived so family and friends could hear the results of their work. The project took place between March – June 2009 with weekly sessions at the school, and was created and delivered by Claire Cressey, WNO MAX Producer. For further information please contact E: claire.cressey@wno.org.uk W:www.wno.org.uk

Song list:

1.       Granny Alice

2.       Song on the wall (Prologue)

3.       When I am older

4.       The chickens are eating the seeds

5.       When I am fifty

6.       Stowe Fair

7.       Happy Memories

8.       We live in trailers

9.       I love my Mum and Dad

10.   Any other day

11.   Travelling Girl

12.   The truth about love

13.   Cooked meat dinner

14.   Weddings

15.   Disco Lights

16.   Song on the wall (Reprise)

17.   Memories of my Family

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