Exclusive June Opportunity!

Don’t Miss Out…

For the month of June 2012 we are lucky to have the cultural and exciting Le Bas Family visiting South Wales for their involvement in the 2012 GRT History Month. While here, they have agreed to offer their vast cultural experience and knowledge and exciting work programmes to mainstream schools and alike.

Please don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to share the diverse and passionate feature of your curriculum of development.

This unique opportunity is only available during the month of June 2012. Their challenging and fun tailor made programmes of activity will entertain children and adults in a thought provoking, interactive understanding and rewarding delivery to children of all ages.

To benefit from this rare opportunity, simply register your interest by email at isaacblake@romaniarts.co.uk

For more information on The La Bas family and the History Month 2012, simply click on the links below.






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