West Wales – Gypsy Bench

Carved Oak Bench for outside A&E, Withybush Hospital, Haverfordwest, with the Gypsy / Traveller unit at Pembroke School

Following on from the Priory Project bench in Pembroke, Jane Whalley, Equality and Diversity Officer at the Hywel Dda Health Board commissioned a bench to be sited outside the Accident and Emergency department at Withybush Hospital. Sculptor Robert Jakes worked with a group of four teenage boys in the Gypsy/Traveller unit at Pembroke School to design and carve the bench.

They looked at traditional Gypsy woodcarvings and imagery, drew out the chosen designs on acetate and projected them on to the Oak planks to arrange the scale and composition.

Marked out on to the timber and began carving away the background area.

Around the edge of the design are carved good health wishes in Welsh, Romany and English

‘Pob lwc a lechyd da’
‘Kushti sastipen ta kushti bok’
‘Luck and Health’

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