Not in Education, Employment, or Training

In 2014, a  renowned, experienced and respected researcher reported on the high instance of NEETS (Not in education, employment or training) phenomenon within the GRT communities. This report will be a good springboard from which many organisations will be able to build on and use to support policy development.

The report draws together extensive research into the community perspective as well as examining the work of Local Authorities, Welsh Government and a variety of third sector organisations and other agencies. The outcomes are vital lifelines to further study and have highlighted the spirit and welcome within the GRT communities. They know very well what this issues are and they also know what needs to happen to sort the issues out.

We would like to thank the residents at the Roverway and Shirenewton Sites in Cardiff for coming forward and engaging in this study. Their engagement was the focal point of this research and their willingness to participate and to share their experiences and concerns has made this research possible.

We would also like to express my gratitude to Jane Jenkins, Head Teacher of Moreland School; Beverley Stephens, Head Pembrokeshire Gypsy Traveller Education Service and Theresa Davies, Kara Richards, Lowri Reed and John Davies of the Welsh Government for taking the time to contribute toward this research and for their willingness to help advance this research.

A special thanks to Cherell Boswell, Kirby Jones, Daniel Baker and James, all members of the Gypsy and Traveller community who agreed to share their valuable experiences and successes and contribute to this research.

Many thanks also to Dr Jean Jenkins of Cardiff Business School for her invaluable guidance and support, Ashley Price for assisting with interviews and Isaac Blake, Director of the Romani Cultural and Arts Company and his team of transcribers in making this research possible. Finally, thanks to Communities First (Star Cluster) and the East Cardiff, Llanedeyrn and Pentwyn Communities First (ECLP) for funding this research.

Please download the report here: NEETS REPORT

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