APRIL 11th 2015!

Every year, on 8th April, all Roma communities around the world meet for two important reasons: to celebrate their history, traditions and cultural contribution and on the other hand, to raise awareness about the issues that the Europe’s largest ethnic minority group is still facing. “International Roma Day provides opportunity to raise awareness on the issues that many Roma people face every day, especially discrimination” Eva Kourova, Community Development Officer, Roma Youth Project.

This year there will be two events for people to enjoy:

Saturday 4th April – Flashmob in Glasgow city centre with music and dancers. Time and place are a surprise but will be revealed this week.

Saturday 11th April – Celebratory march starting at 12 30 in Govanhill Park then through the streets, traditional Romani music will lead the procession.

 “It is an opportunity to raise awareness of Roma culture and build links to and within the Roma communities who are too often demonised, misunderstood and under-resourced”

Joshua Brown, co-organizer

We want to let ordinary people know that there is such a day where Roma people all around the world can celebrate their Romipen (Roma identity).”

 (Marcela Amadova, Friends of Romano Luv, above with other volunteers making placards for the march)

Glasgow has a good reputation for welcoming all people from various nations; the Roma community are, too, welcome. The population has grown to approximately 4,000 in Glasgow, however, persistent myths and political agendas have stereotyped this community, giving the general public a perception which is not true. Roma families face the same obstacles that all families face; lack of employment, lack of income and stigmatisation. International Roma Day is a celebration of the Roma culture which has been a positive influence in society throughout time.

This year, the events are partially funded by volunteers and donations from individuals and groups, but we hope that International Roma Day will become an annual celebration in Glasgow.

“I think we have to show that this will take place each year and is an established part of Govanhill’s calendar”

Jim Monaghan, co-organizer

Come along, grab a placard and enjoy International Roma Day 2015


Please download: International Roma Day – invitation info

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