The Gordon Boswell Romany Museum, Lincolnshire

The Gordon Boswell Romany Museum is located at Clay Lake near the town of Spalding in Lincolnshire, just off the A16. It is a unique experience for everyone with a large covered facility housing the UK’s finest collection of Romany vardos (Gypsy caravans), carts and harnesses. Visitors are greeted with a slide show and a talk about the Romany way of life and then allowed to roam freely around the vardos and realia. If you are privileged enough, you might be able to spend some time chatting with Gordon and his wife who have built up the museum themselves over 15 years. The Romani Cultural Arts Company is proud to be associated with The Gordon Boswell Romany Museum and encourages everyone; irrespective of age or  background, to spend some time at this enlightening place.

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