The La Bas Family

Delaine Le Bas: International Artist. Delaine was one of the artists to exhibit at The First Roma Pavilion, Paradise Lost, Venice Biennale 2007, she also exhibited  at Prague Biennale 2005 and 2007. Safe European Home? is the most recent project she has completed with her husband Damian Le Bas Snr which was an installation outside the parliament buildings in Vienna, May/June 2011. Her most recent project Witch Hunt  originally commissioned by Aspex, Portsmouth, UK was exhibited in 2010 at Chapter Cardiff continued to Context, Derry,  Campbell Works, London, UK, Kai Dikhas (The first gallery in the world top exhibit Roma and Sinti Artists) Berlin and is at this time part of the exhibition Reconsidering Roma:  Aspects of Roma and Sinti Life in Contemporary Art. Her practice includes the use of fabrics, found objects, painting, embroidery which are constructed into installations. Part of her artistic practice includes performance.

A detailed CV is available.

Damian James Le Bas: Writer, Poet and Editor of Travellers Times. Damian was one of the participants at the conference in Greenwich which was made into the ground breaking publication ‘All Change! Romani Studies Through Romani Eyes’ ISBN 978-1-905313-78-5  which he edited. He wrote text for Witch Hunt the publication for the touring exhibition by Delaine Le Bas produced by Chapter, Cardiff: ISBN 9781900029315. His poetry was recently featured in Magma Issue 50 ” David Morley Travels Through Romani Poetry”. For the past three years he has been education editor at Travellers Times of which he has recently become Editor. He is also part of The Romany Theatre Company.

A detailed CV is available.

Candis Nergaard: Actress. Candis is a member of The Romany Theatre Company, played the lead role in the BBC Radio Four Afternoon play ‘Atching Tan’, November 2010 which was based on the series ‘Atching Tan’ commissioned by BBC East 2008-2010 for BBC local radio stations across the East of England.

Candis has worked and continues to be part of many other theatre, film and TV productions.

A detailed CV of all her work is available.

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