Inaugural GRT History Lecture

Following a tradition established by Newport Black History Month the inaugural GRT Wales History Lecture will take place in the afternoon following the Lavior performance.

Dr Adrian Marsh will be flying in from Istanbul especially for the event to talk about the histories, cultures and languages of Gypsies, Roma and Travellers in Europe and beyond, and growing anti-Gypsyism in the increasingly hostile and intolerant ‘New Europe’.

Dr Marsh, himself of Romany-Traveller heritage, is Researcher in Romani Studies at Greenwich University, London where he completed his doctoral thesis, “‘No Promised Land’: History, Historiography and the Origins of the Gypsies” (2008). He has taught Romani Studies at Greenwich University, in Sweden, in Cairo, at the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul and at Istanbul Bilgi University as well as carrying out research in the UK, Sweden, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Egypt and Turkey, where he now lives.

He promises an interactive lecture to stimulate, to entertain and to challenge. You have been warned!

For directions to the venue click here

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